The Button Florist | A quick review/recap- PART ONE
handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
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A quick review/recap- PART ONE

A quick review/recap- PART ONE

I fell off the blog mobille!
I have jumped back on!
I can’t believe that it has been 6 months since I wrote anything.
Life is always interesting.
The past 6 months have held some good times and some bad times.
Shows, Travelling, Amazing Friends, Supportive Family, Pain, Laughs, Good Food, Driving, Singing, Networking, Twisting, Learning, Changing, Crying, Smiling, Selling, Creating………
I realized while collecting photos for this blog, too much happened to squeeze in one post!
So, here are some highlights from the first 3 months!


The first demonstration I have ever participated in.  It was a peaceful procession for all the animals killed by the Gulf oil spill.


Probably my favorite street festival that happens here in Asheville.
The Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival
The Hairy Potter and I shared a booth, the piggy banks and button flowers were pretty ridiculous together! all day the comments were, Oh, how cute!
Masks made from LaCroix boxes and so many local friendly faces = a great time!

A beautiful BLUE wedding order

And to top it all off, I decided to go to New York City at the end of the month!
The show was a horrible disappointment, but I did get to see the statue of Liberty, which was a lot of fun!


Here, a little girl was trying on some fabulous Button Flower headbands at The Norcross Art Fest outside of Atlanta, GA. 

Carving pumpkins, corn mazes, and tractor hay rides! 
I got to spend a fun time with my two favorite red-headed (nephews).  They did not want to scoop out the nasty guts of the pumpkins, so they just used a marker to draw the faces.

Such a beautiful month with all the leaves changing, but it also brought some hard times.  My mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Thanks to amazing medicine and a great deal of prayers she has now finished chemo and radiation therapy and is doing GREAT!

Alex took his first beach steps! 
He was having so much fun in the water, he did not want to stop to pose for a photo.


Shows! Shows! Shows! I did some serious travelling in the pre-HOLIDAY season. 
The First Chatty Crafty Show in Chattanooga, TN! 
I was so excited to get to visit my dear friend Catherine and her lovely little family.  

I met Susan, the owner of Good Dog, hotdog shop in Chattanooga. 
The best hotdog I have ever had! (curry ketchup)
We connected over Circles and if you are ever in this city check out her adorable shop.

For  the Studio Stroll I got to create my own little colorful world in the studio! my studiomate was gone, so it was fun to use the whole space.

Then I turned 27!
Then back on the road to Atlanta for ICE, Indie Craft Experience. 

To be continued……….. (soon I promise!)

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