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handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
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Bring it on JULY!

Bring it on JULY!

A little randomness. I have been getting ready for July and now it is here. Shows every weekend, lots of travelling.
Lemon Curd with fresh Blackberry Pie
made with love by my dear friends Eliza and Ben at Pies in Disguise
They use all local, in season fruit!
I love this size of a pie, perfect for sharing with a friend, I actually split it 3 ways!

A recent wedding project, two small bouquets for the flower girls. One likes dragonflies and the other likes butterflies, so I included some special buttons that the bride provided, I love making such personalized flowers that will be able to be treasured for a long time.
The first new headband I sold! I tried a new kind on the little hard bands. It matched her shirt perfectly and she was so cute.

The latest on the Round-about, now a nice cement ring! What is going to go in the middle? nobody is certain. A sculpture, a tree, some grass, BUTTON FLOWERS! we were told nothing to permanent due to the risk of someone driving through the middle.

Summer Solstice Celebration…..lots of fairy wings and painted faces and even a Butterfly release! now it is officially Summer!

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