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Dunwoody and Fun

Dunwoody and Fun


Mother’s Day weekend 2010

This past Saturday I got up at 3:30 am to drive to Dunwoody for the Dunwoody Art Festival.
Thankfully, my oldest and dearest friend Holly lives near Atlanta and helped me with the show. We had alot of fun and felt pampered when we walked into the very modern W Hotel!
Probably the biggest show I have ever participated in! There were supposed to be 30,000 people in attendance! My little tent looked kind of silly with its brown amateur-ness next to the sea of white professional EZ-UPs. But with some water jugs and tent stakes from my neighbor, we managed to not get blown away!

Highlights of the show:
meeting my neighbors (from Wilmigton!)
trading pottery for jewelry!
handing out lots of studio stroll guides!

After the show I got to go to Holly’s house and hang out with her two adorable sons. (more on that soon) I am taking a little break from the shows, but getting ready for the Studio Stroll!!!!
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