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handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
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Mountains to Mountains

Mountains to Mountains

Last Thursday we set out on an adventure!
Button Flowers, and me and jessie in the Bug!

Bubbles, Sequins, and Temporary Tatoos were in the activities bag!

We headed to Kansas City to see my family.
My nephew is crawling and oh so cute!

My Nani gave us a stuffed artichoke for the Road!
The Rocky Mountain Bridal show was on Sunday and I met lots of great folks, I was in theGreen Bride Section, sandwiched inbetween two fabulous eco-friendly wedding dress designers.
My flowers were used in the fashion show, and I even got an order for an orthodontics office!

The Rocky mountains are beautiful, huge, majestic, and very powerful.
The whole time we were there, I was reminded of Tibet!
Thank you Family, George, and Josh for giving us places to stay along the way.
Thank you Jessie for keeping me company and
Thank you Starbucks and Tom for guidance and caffeine.
Now time to get ready for Raleigh and Atlanta!!!!! Crazy springtime.

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