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My first Guerrilla Gardening

My first Guerrilla Gardening

I love the round-about outside my studio. I enjoyed watching the whole process from start to finish.  It went from being a Huge hole cut in the pavement to landscaped traffic circle which makes a busy street much more pedestrian friendly.   I decided one day that the one way signs and small shrubbery was not enough.  so, I walked out there and stuck some sunflower seeds in the ground.  Giant Sunflowers!



They sprouted and grew without any care or maintenance from me.  They grew, I wish that I had planted 3 times as many, but they were lovely.  I think that I understand why Van Gogh painted so many sunflowers.  Their size is impressive. They tower. Those warm yellows and oranges. The giant maze in the middle. The little feathery petals.  They hold such a bounty of seeds. I saved 2 of the sunflower heads to dry, I think it will be enough seeds for next year.

My new goal is to help things grow in places where maybe they should grow. Have you ever heard of seed bombs or moss graffiti?  These are easy ways to spread life to areas that are just forgotten.

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