The Button Florist | The Rest of the story- PART TWO
handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
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The Rest of the story- PART TWO

The Rest of the story- PART TWO

As I promised, the second half to my recap of the past 3 months of my life as The Button Florist.

The month of December brought a new achievement for The Button Florist.  TWO craft shows in one day!

you are wondering….. how did that happen? did celia clone herself in order to be in Asheville and Boston at the same time? Yes and No! 

My best and oldest friend Holly wo-manned the Big Crafty booth for me in Asheville, while I was at the Bazaar Bizarre in Boston.  The show was at this cool place called the Cyclorama.  The roof is a giant round skylite. 
We both survived our shows and I was so thankful to have such a wonderful partner in my crazy business!

Next, I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit my dear friends Ryan and Mikey in Buffalo, NY. I enjoyed every minute of the four days I got to spend with them in their cozy cabin.  Making chicken soup, a constantly burning wood stove, baking chocolate chip cookies in a toaster oven.  I was so thankful to spend quality time with these old clay buddies.  Unfortunately, I had to leave and tackle the NYC beast! 

A new year! 2011 
For Christmas, I received a wonderful gift. An Ipad! 
This little modern piece of technology is revolutionizing my business. 

Here is my first sale using my new Ipad and the square, a small device that allows me to accept credit cards.  Now I can swipe credit cards and process them directly, rather than writing down peoples information and processing when I get home.  I instantly fell in love with this! 
January is the start of the Wedding shows, so I went to Chicago to Indie Wed.
I enjoyed this wedding show, because I was actually allowed to sell work, so I felt like I actually made some of my expenses back, rather than just waiting for orders to come in. 

I welcomed another new addition to my business, ROOF RACKS!!!!!
People are often amazed that I travel to shows and pack everything necessary into my little VW beetle bug.  But, I finally had to get roof racks so that I could transport a piece of furniture!
I was so worried this shelf was going to fly off on the middle of the highway, but thankfully I made it to Raleigh and back successfully! I am now excited at my future options in strapping things to the roof! 
 I was so proud of my display at the Bridal Buzz. I pushed myself to create a new display and the simplicity of the white shelf and vases really helped to let my flowers stand out. 
So, now we are pretty much caught up! There is one more big thing that has happened in the last month, but I am dedicating my next post to that…… stay tuned! 
-xoxoxo C

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