The Button Florist | Weddings
handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
ceramics, pottery, buttons,
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Wedding Flower Sizes 2Wedding Bouquets are available in four main sizes:


Small: 3 ceramic/ 3 leaves/ 3 regular $75.00

Bridal: (12 ceramic/ 16 regular/ 8 felt leaves) $250.00

Junior Bride: (5 Ceramic/ 7 regular/ 3 leaves) $125.00

Toss Bouquet: (12 regular stems/ 3 leaves) $55.00


*There is a fee added on for Customizing Wedding Bouquets.

Of course everything is made custom to meet your color needs.

Unique products are also available including brooches, cake decorations, jewelry and more!