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handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
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Baby steps in Business

Baby steps in Business

I am continuously learning. ALWAYS, as well as always working…. The thoughts of to do lists, new product ideas, ways to push me and my business further are constant.  July has been a good growing season.  Unfortunately I have not had time for a garden, which makes me sad.  However,  the Button Florist had the wonderful opportunity of having an intern for the month.

Dylan is a very smart and mature girl. She was a wonderful assistant, always willing to try whatever new  silly task I had lined up for her.  I really enjoyed having her help me and I wish her all the best in her new school. Thank you!
I also had a new and exciting opportunity of receiving a brand new copy of a book to check out and share with my fans.
 The book is Craft Corps, by Vickie Howell. It profiles 30 big-time crafters and 60 everyday crafters — everyone from Jenny Hart (Sublime Stitching), Mark Montano (The Big-Ass Book of Crafts), Faythe Levine (Handmade Nation), Ed Roth (Stencil 101), and lots, lots more. 
I really enjoyed the Introduction of the book when Vickie opens saying, ” I’ve been fortunate to make a career from crafting, and one of the greatest gifts it has given me is a sense of true community.  I’ve been privileged to meet (either virtually or in person) thousands of fellow crafters as a result of my profession. Because of craft, I share an amazing connection with people all over the world- people of different backgrounds, religions, philosophies, and creeds. I likely would’ve never met or communicated with many of these folks had it not been for our common bond as creative beings and the explosion in the popularity of crafting.  So I take great pride in presenting Craft 
Corps, a celebration of our unique community.”

The craftographies are interesting and include some personal history, advice, philosophy, childhood memories, and even favorite curse words.  As I read through them I was comforted and inspired by the common threads that bind us into the crafting community.  Thank you Kathleen from Lark books for sharing this inspiring book wih me. 

An order I sent off on Friday.  These flowers are headed to Denver, Colorado to help make people smile in Eberle Orthodontics.

I enjoyed working with Nicole’s colors of mainly purple, green, with some orange, red, and yellow accents. 

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