The Button Florist | Craft Shows are controlling my life
handcrafted ceramic buttons and button flowers for bouquets and home decor.
ceramics, pottery, buttons,
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Craft Shows are controlling my life

Craft Shows are controlling my life

The Button Florist in Boston
The Button Florist in Columbia, SC
The Button Florist at the Big Crafty in Asheville
The Button Florist soon to be in St. Louis
Craft shows and more Shows.

I was recently very frustrated after travelling distances to do shows that were not totally profitable. 

It is sometimes so easy to feel discouraged.
But amid all the stress of making stuff, packing and unpacking, driving, networking, it is my loving friends and family that make it all worth it! The ability to travel and have a flexible schedule lets me have a different kind of working life. 
So, no photos of craft shows, booth set-ups, or crowds of strangers….
instead here are pictures of people i care about and fun times that have been had in my recent adventures.

Old school Wilson crew at Kate’s Wedding.
Yes, she put her face in my chest, what can I say, the bride gets to do whatever she wants!
Fun times on the way to Boston.
Heidi was so awesome in Boston, after I ended up driving all night, she helped me all day at the show. Boston was full of nice people and cute little dogs.

My nephew just turned one this past week.  
Here he is sticking out his tongue in Mexico. I am sad that I missed his first birthday, but can’t wait to be there for the next one.
July birthdays! Italian cream cake and bug cupcakes!

On the way to birthday bowling!
Jamin, Jacob, and Ian!
Round-about update: Today they put in some stone pavers….all I want is some grass, something alive and green in the middle, please! 
New in the Button Flower world.  Crocheted, felted flowers.  
I think there are going to be more of these around….Some on stems, some on brooches, headbands… still figuring out how and where to incorporate them. I love colaborating with other artists. My friend Amber over at RaimbowTree has been making some really cool felt flowers. 
These were made by Holly, more to come! 
xoxo C
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