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HAIR (toot and hair clips)

HAIR (toot and hair clips)

Summertime heat makes me want to cut all of my hair off!  I have been resisting the urge to turn the large bun on my head into a short little boy cut!  I just can’t decide should I cut it or not?

I have a hard time committing to what my hair style should be, but when it comes to my little dog, I love cutting her hair!  For the past couple years I have been giving Toot a mohawk for the hot summer months.  This year, a friend made a suggestion for a spiral mohawk!  So, I went for it!  I shaved her all over except for the spiral and her fluffy little feet, it makes her legs look so small. chicken legs! She likes to prance around.

From the side it looks like she has on a Tu-Tu………TOOT-TOOT! She is such a funny little dog, I am so thankful to have her in my life I get to bring her with me to the studio every day! 

She has grown to love small children, especially Charlie, they often will let her lick them as much and for as long as she likes! She loves the snow and Eliza! A little old lady Princess dog.  
So, in the world of button flowers, I have NEW………HAIR CLIPS!!!!!!

The Hair clips come in 3 sizes- small, medium, and Large.  The order of the pictures is big to small.  I have wanted to make button hair clips for years, but I did not want to just glue the buttons on.  So, I was so excited to find these clips that have holes so that I can wire the buttons on there. Much more sturdy!
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