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Trees and little boys

Trees and little boys

After Dunwoody, I got to hang out with two of my favorite boys in the whole wide world.

(my nephew is of course in this category also)
The goal was to turn Ian’s room into a forest of trees! And in 3 days, I think Holly and I did an amazing job of creating a (Not Real but imaginary) as Ian had to keep telling me, forest!

Benjamin (Jamin) spilled the red paint on his head and had to have an emergency bath.
Ian is 3 and likes puzzles and strawberries and helping mom!

FIRST: there were white/primed walls that Holly had so wonderfully already prep-ed!
so, we started with a green rolling hill background that ended with yellow on top
NEXT: we worked on some truncks, a little cluster of three tall trees, a funny red bubbly button flower-ish tree, a big (almost reminded me of a baobab tree)
THEN: there were the leaves! and leaves! I have heard that Ian loves his trees and enjoys sitting and looking at them as well as showing them off to every visitor to the house.
Recently, I have been getting ready!
Ready for:
The Studio Stroll
3/maybe 4 wedding orders
a feature in the Rocky Mountain Bridal Magazine
Shows every weekend in July
5 shows in Boston (june, july, august, september, and october)

I am also really excited about new improvements in my little studio!
Chris is back and it has been interesting getting used to sharing a studio again, but I love how we can get stuff done!
New Hanging baskets- for sorting felt pieces
New light on the loft
I love this view! ( things like my recently painted display case and sorted felt make me smile)
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